Monday, February 8, 2016

I send a peace frog (The Phoenix Foundation) #516 - 517

The Phoenix Foundation The Krisk/ Everybody's Money/ Forget It/ Party Below/ Wrestling With Demons/ The Man Next Door (Rhythm Method, 2009)
The Phoenix Foundation Bob Lennon John Dylan/ Fiscal Pickle/ Real Pig/ Asswipe/ Race Day (Universal, 2014)

The Phoenix Foundation celebrate Christmas with the first extended single, except being them, it's more of a Bad Santa/ Tim Burton form of yule tide feast (the correct title for the single is Merry Kriskmass EP - ho ho ho).

The lead off song The Krisk is all typical PF jingle jangle (Christmas) morning but not one of their bestest songs.

The Tom's Lunch EP is more like it (although the picture of his lunch is definitely unappealing on the cover) - trademark guitars, quirky humour and Wellington number eight wire inventiveness. Bob Lennon sneaks up on you! 

Hidden gems: The Beatles loom large on the superb She Said She Said/ I Am the Walrus homage that is Everybody's Money - plus the Wellington boys throw in a Pink Floyd Money style theme, which is always welcome in December. 

The rest of the Krish single is a bit too woozily barking mad for my taste - all the hidden tracks? Really guys? Smacks of being too much of an in joke.

Race Day presents a different look - nice acoustic guitars and harmonies.

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