Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Imagine all the people sharing all the world... (John Lennon) #490 - 491

John Lennon Imagine/ Happy Xmas (War Is Over)/ Give Peace A Chance/ Imagine (video) (Parlophone, 1999)

Is there anyone on the planet who hasn't heard Imagine at some point?

You haven't?? Inconceivable...but you're in luck! Check out what genius sounds like below.

BTW - this is the sixth entry for Imagine on Goo Goo. Check out this for the other five! 

Hidden gems: A weird combination of tracks on the B side - versions of two other hits from the Lennon Legend compilation.

John Lennon/ Dog Soldier Incantation/ Let's Spend The Night Together/ Answer Me My Love (CG Publishing Inc, 1975)

The Dog Soldier tracks were from sessions in 1975. 

John wrote Incantation with Roy Cicala and produced and arranged the three tracks with Roy - his engineer.

Yoko let a writer (Kristofer Engelhardt) have the tracks to augment his book (Beatles Undercover).

FYI: Dog Soldier were actually the backup band John used on the Lew Grade TV special (the ones with the two faced masks (hahaha).

Incantation itself has some similarities to his gift to Johnny Winter of Rock And Roll People and Dog Soldier nicely fits the Elephant Memory band brand of New York rock.

Hidden Gems: Let's Spend The Night Together is, yes, the Rolling Stones song and it's a pretty terrific version - soulful and worthy! Go figure. 

Answer Me My Love is an okay Labelle style disco/Motown hybrid.

You'll have to take my word for all this - as there is nothing available on the video channels.

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