Sunday, March 15, 2015

You feel my flow, and you flood my brain (The Stone Roses) #387

The Stone Roses One Love/ Something's Burning (Silvertone 12", ORE T 17, 1990)

I first heard The Stone Roses at Roger Marbeck's house. While waiting for dinner one night, the song I Am The Resurrection came on via Rog's stereo system and completely blew me away.

I hadn't heard guitars like that and outlandish sentiments like that for ages.

I fell hard for the band and, like millions, bought and loved the wonderful first album - The Stone Roses. I was still a fan by the time the wonderful second album, Second Coming, came out (it's fashionable NOT to like it but I love those guitars).

One Love is on neither album - it's a stand alone single, although it's ended up on various compilations since. For me, it forms a great bridge between the breezy first album and the blues rock of the second. The song has a great groove and vibe; deserved to be a hit when it came out.

The 12 inch has the 7 plus minute stretched out version which I prefer.

Hidden gem: The B side was also a non album track and has also ended up on compilations like Turn To Stone

Like One Love, it's lengthy with that same dreamy stardust vibe from the period between the two albums.

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