Friday, March 27, 2015

That was another place and another time (Suzanne) #392 - 393

Suzanne Sunshine Through A Prism/ Willie And Laura May Jones (Polydor, 2069 020, 1972)
Suzanne You Really Got A Hold On Me/ You Could Be Right This Time (Ring O'Records, 2017 111, 1978)

Suzanne may lust have given Adele the idea - just the first name love, that's all you need.

In this case Suzanne is Suzanne Donaldson (later Lynch) so you can see why she went with the first name only.

Suzanne started her New Zealand show biz career with her sister Judy in The Chicks but in 1969 she went solo and had loads of local success before working with Cat Stevens in the UK as a backup vocalist.

Sunshine came from Shade Smith - you'll remember him from my entries on The Rumour. He wrote some great tunes and Sunshine is one of them.

Suzanne's rendition of the Smokey Robinson song has a couple of Fabs connections. It was of course covered by The Beatles and Ring O'Records was Ringo Starr's brief record company from 1975 to 1978. This single was one of only 17 singles released by the label. 

Hidden gems: Suzanne didn't write her own material (are you listening Zuni?) so she chose songs from others. These two B sides aren't clever choices from my p.o.v. (whaddaIknow right?). Let's just say Tony Joe White and someone calling themselves Cerney are probably hard sells for a Nu Zild girl. 

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