Saturday, March 7, 2015

Every golden nugget coming like a gift of the gods (Jim Steinman) #384

Jim Steinman Storm/ Rock And Roll Dreams Come Through (Epic, EX 7524, 1981)

Jim is, of course, the genius behind Meatloaf's greatest moments (Bat Out Of Hell and Deadringer -those are all Jim's songs).

The follow up to the mega successful Bat was put on hold because of Meatloaf's health issues. Jim decided to record the songs himself and they were released as Bad For Good. A terrific album!

This single was actually part of the Bad For Good package. That explains why Storm is the A side. It's a prologue for the album - as such it kind of sets the epic scene (btw - how appropriate that this comes out on the Epic label!!).

Epic because it's a full on Wagnerian rip tear bust instrumental!

Hidden gem: The B side went on to become a hit for Meatloaf. Here it is intended to be the epilogue to the album. It works too. Jim's rock and roll dreams had really come through and this was another crafty pop song from the maestro.

The theatricality is superbly recreated in this barking mad video. Overblown with nothing left to the imagination (the guitar as phallic symbol? Check!). Enjoy!

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