Friday, January 30, 2015

Simon's got a big white car, and his bird never wears a bra (Splodgenessabounds) # 359

Splodgenessabounds Simon Templer (sic)/ Michael Booth's Talking Bum, Two Pints Of Lager (Decca, BUM 1, 1980)

The distinctive British humour emerges clearly over these three songs. 

Being a New Zealander who has had roughly equal exposure to American and British cultural artifacts over the years via mass media, I don't find I prefer one lot of comedians to the other, but...

...the definitely more nuanced British sensibility often comes across better on comedy records. 

Simon Templer is a case in point (the misspelling of the surname may be deliberate - who knows? It was the tail end of punk). 

It's a piss take by Max Splodge et al on the Simon Templar character, better known as The Saint - a mega cool rakish Robin Hood style character. Roger Moore played him on TV and was perfect in the role.

Hidden gems: The B sides are great. Two hilarious! and Michael Booth's bum is in the great smutty British Carry On tradition of fart jokes.

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