Sunday, January 18, 2015

How's your day been today? (Split Ends) #353

Split Ends The Sweet Talkin' Spoon Song/ One Two Nine (EMI, HR 512, 1973)

The first time is often the best, in my experience.

The first time I clapped eyes on SE was on the New Faces TV programme in 1973. It wasn't quite the same experience that I'd had watching The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show, but it was close.

They came second to last in the finals but Sweet Talkin' Spoon Song by the uber cool looking fellow kiwis had already become absorbed into my brain for evermore.

A school friend (take a bow Michael Budd) gave me a copy of the single (their second as Split Ends - the name would change to Split Enz for the third), and it quickly became a favourite in my collection.

This was a clever, fun, singalong, inventive song and a huge moment in NZ music. The song shape shifts around old time music hall, Small Faces mod, Beatles inspired invention/ harmonies, The Who's Pictures Of Lily style lyrics and barbershop. 

It just burrows into your skin. Cor!!!

Hidden gem: Oh yeah baby! One Two Nine retains the mandolin hook from the A side, as well as the invention and the pop smarts in glorious style. 

Sorry to be so gushy but this was a secret world of musical wonder that was right up my alley in 1973 and still is!

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