Saturday, January 10, 2015

I opened my eyes and I saw you (George Harrison) #350

Ronnie Spector Try Some, Buy Some/ Tandoori Chicken (Apple, APPLE 33, 1971)

Originally, this track was given to Ronnie as part of a comeback record produced by George and Ronnie's husband at the time - one Phil Spector.

A few year's later George did a vocal track and used the song on Living In The Material World

I actually prefer Ronnie's vocal - she manages to convey a bucket load of emotion via her delivery, whereas George's strained version smacks of being filler for an album.

Hidden gem: Is it me or does Tandoori Chicken sound a lot like Linda McCartney's Cook Of The House (both of which rip off Buddy Holly)?

And so - to the videos: Ronnie and George's versions are followed by a mash up of the two - you can try some, you can buy some... 

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