Friday, June 20, 2014

Whenever you're in trouble won't you stand by me (Ben E. King) #222 - 225

John Lennon Stand By Me/ Move Over Ms. L. (Apple, NZP 3503, 1975 - France)

John Lennon Stand By Me/ Woman Is The Nigger Of The World (Starline, 6244, 1975 - USA)

Elton John Band/ featuring John Lennon I Saw Her Standing There; Whatever Gets You Through The Night/ Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds (DJM, X11818, 1975)

John Lennon Jealous Guy/ Going Down On Love; Oh Yoko (Parlophone 12", GOOD 99, 1985)

These singles effectively take us up to the birth of Sean Lennon (October 9, 1975 - John's 35th birthday). We didn't know it at the time but John was about to hang up the guitar for a few years.

Nice then that he was singing old rock'n'roll songs from his youth. He sings the hell out of Stand By Me!

The Elton single contains only the songs he and John sang at the famous Madison Square Garden gig so it's rather wonderful to have them all together on one single.

Hidden gems: The strange Move Over Ms L is a definite gem. It's that rarest of beasts - an anti Yoko song by John. Okay it's on the playful side and therefore not quite Steel And Glass or How Do You Sleep but it still makes its point: I'll forgive your trespasses, if you forgive me mine.

John has his usual bob each way - move over Ms Lennon and I wish you well.

Nothing revelatory on the rest of the B sides I'm afraid but the 12 inch does have the wonderful Oh Yoko and the lesser known Going Down On Love which comes from Walls And Bridges

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