Friday, June 13, 2014

Chicken suckin', mother truckin', Meat City (John Lennon) #216 - 221

John Lennon Mind Games/ Meat City (Apple, 2C008 05494, 1973 - France)
John Lennon Mind Games/ Meat City (Apple, NZP 3463, 1973 - NZ)
John Lennon No. 9 Dream/ What You Got (Apple, 2C004 05776, 1974 - France)
John Lennon *9 Dream/ What You Got (Apple, NZP 3495, 1974 - NZ)
John Lennon Whatever Gets You Thru The Night/ Beef Jerky (Apple, 2C004 05731, 1974 - France) 
John Lennon Whatever Gets You Thru' The Night/ Beef Jerky (Apple, NZP 3486, 1974 - NZ)

By 1973 I was firmly into my John Lennon obsession and haunting Marbeck's Records in the Queen's Arcade (Auckland) for solo Beatles and Apple Records singles. 

I played the Mind Games album and single endlessly in 1973.

The other two A sides are from Walls And Bridges - a rather spotty album that reflects the turmoil of the Lennons' relationship. a formulaic hit song that I'm not that keen on, whereas No. 9 Dream is a well crafted, polished song - not really single material though I wouldn't have thought.

Hidden gems: No Yoko B sides this time out. Instead we have Meat City - a wonderful rock song which is slightly different to the album version (in the backwards bit John says 'buy the album').

Beef Jerky is an instrumental jam dressed up as a song. Not sure what the point was - Lennon's appeal is always in the singing of his lyrics, so take that away and you're left with a ho hum B side.

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