Friday, June 27, 2014

Husband john extended his hand, extended his hand to his wife. and he finds, and suddenly he finds, that he has no hands (Yoko Ono) # 230 - 233

Yoko Ono  Open Your Box/ Power To The People (Apple Records, R 5892, 1971)

Yoko Ono  Mrs Lennon/ Midsummer New York (Apple Records, 1C 006-92940, 1971)

Yoko Ono  Death Of Samantha/ Yang Yang (Apple Records, Apple 47, 1973)

Yoko Ono  Run Run Run/ Men Men Men (Apple Records, Apple 48, 1973)

And so to Yoko. 

I know I'm a little way away from O in the countdown but Yoko's singles are a natural adjunct to Lennon's, particularly as she appeared regularly on his B sides. And I've catalogued them in my collection with John's singles.

So it's Yoko in a spotlight, and it's well deserved. Yoko is an acquired taste, I admit, but I love a lot of her stuff.

She challenges pre-conceptions, provides a freshness and an innovative vibe. She has great conceptual ideas and she is unique. So there!

Mrs Lennon is an exceptional song. That lyric in the title is jaw dropping. She was never afraid to get stuck into John. That honesty is refreshing.

Death Of Samantha and Run Run Run are less obviously singles material but they come from strong albums. In fact her first four Apple albums are amazingly varied. Yoko Ono/Plastic Ono Band , Fly, Approximately Infinite Universe and Feeling The Space are all corking albums that range from experimental noise to blistering rock and roll.

She's funny as well.

Hidden gems: John lends a hand on most of these B sides (in 1973's Feeling The Space he appeared on a couple of tracks only and not on the damning Men Men Men). Midsummer is a great rock song. It kicks off the first side of Fly in a super duper way.

Yang Yang is impressive too and to my mind would have been a better A side.

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