Sunday, June 5, 2011

Art for art's sake, money for God's sake (10CC)

My recent post on record albums remade as books has made me think about some of my favourite record covers. Sadly, the art of designing a fantastic image for a record has gone the way of record shops with the advent of, first the CD, and now the download, where no image at all is required. This is not only sad but a criminal waste of talent and imagination. Album cover art deserves to be celebrated (and a quick google search will reveal that the blogosphere hasn't forgotten it as an art form).

So I have compiled my personal favourites and blown them up as big as I can get away with. Size does matter when it comes to album cover art. But the choice is subjective so keep that in mind as you view my choices.

Rather than put them all on one post, I have gone through them all and put them into loosely themed groups. Here's the first batch called The Musician Takes Centre Stage. First installment: top ten close ups of the artist. I've attached a caption only where it's not really clear who the artist is.
Lene Marlin as a Norwegian blue.

Sssshhhh - it's Alvin Lee in fractured mood. 

Grace Slick's Manhole

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