Thursday, June 23, 2011

Scooter and the big man bust this city in half (Scooter)

1975, aged 18, in the sixth form at Mount Albert Grammar - I'm driving in my (mum's) car, I turn on the radio, I was riding alone through the drizzling rain, trying to look so hard, and a transistor blasts, I turn around the corner and things got real quiet real fast.

It's a wild song playing and I'm transfixed - turns out to be Born To Run by someone called Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.

Aarrrgghhhh it's so good. The lyrics capture me, the driving drums get my body moving, the mid song count down hooks me, and the sax sound - always the sax sound. The Big Man on saxophone.

Clarence - you had a hold on me right from the start, a grip so tight I couldn't tear it apart.

Sadly the Big Man is no more than a plaintive saophone wail now, maybe that  one at the end of Jungleland. Who'll ease the sadness, who's gonna quiet the pain?

The answer is, of course, Clarence and the Boss will quiet the pain - with their song with the funky break.

It started here:

And it ends where it begins. Thanks Clarence and so long, sometimes you just gotta walk on, walk on.

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