Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Jason's Theme (John Powell)

One of the smallest categories in my collection is labelled ' Original Soundtracks'. That is - not compilations of existing songs - 'original' means that they are soundtracks specifically written for a specific film. It's tiny. Off the top of my head I can think of only the following in my collection:

The Monkees - Head
Badly Drawn Boy - About A Boy
Prince - Batman

The Beatles - Hard Day's Night and Help (and these are a stretch aren't they)

And you'll have noticed that these are obviously all essentially soundtracks of pop songs and not soundtracks of proper film music. The list of those is even smaller - Apocalypse Now. The soundtrack is largely instrumental music and dialogue with the Doors and Suzie Q thrown in.

Samantha beats me easily on this cos she loves Hans Zimmer's stuff. Keegan will eat me cos he loves film and he loves music. For me though I've seldom seen a film and thought - I must get that soundtrack. If it's a great film I usually don't notice the music and if it's a crap film I don't want to be reminded of the experience by buying the soundtrack. So - 0ne - it has to be a great movie, with a (two) great soundtrack, thirdly, I have to notice the soundtrack. But not only those three things - I also have to absolutely love the soundtrack! Only four films have ever done all four for me - the aforementioned Apocalypse Now and The Bourne Trilogy. Star Wars has come close but I don't love John Williams music sufficiently to listen to again and again.

So I've been looking for them for years in NZ and never had any luck.

Until my visit to London and Brugges. The list from the last post had the Bourne soundtracks on it. I've been searching for them for years and finally I found them. First in Brugges I bought Ultimatum and cheaply - 10 euro; then at HMV in Oxford St I got the first two - Identity and Supremacy (not so cheap - 16 pound each). Wahoo!!

Best moment was when I put on in the apartment and Jacky said - 'That's's from the Bourne films isn't it?' This qualifies as extremely high praise!

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