Friday, March 12, 2010

Make a jazz noise here (Frank Zappa)

More and more these days I am drawn to jazz noises. I love the main Starbucks store at Doha's City Center mall. Each time we're at the mall I make a visit to this Starbucks - partly for the ritual cup of tea and muffin, but also for the great jazz music they play. Sets up a great ambiance. Last night there was a Ferrari promo happening in the mall with loud garish techno music. We moved through the mall to Starbucks and there was some great Coleman Hawkins' style track playing. It was such a relief! Given the contrast to the loud techno, I could feel myself relax immediately.

I recently picked up a number of jazz CDs in Belgium and England. Verve have an excellent sampler series available that I have collected for a while. Called Jazz club they have grouped music into sub genres like swinging jazz piano, driving jazz, thriller jazz (TV themes reworked by various jazz hipsters), saxophone ballads - that sort of thing. The one I got in Belgium was called Jazz For Meditation. It does what it says on the tin. It collects together jazzers like Randy Weston and song titles like 'Bamboo Flute Blues' and instruments like tabla, flute and sax to create an eastern sounding groove. Perfect for Sunday mornings.

Here's a sample of what this style of music has to offer from Alice Coltrane. Chuck this on and meditate away!

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