Thursday, March 2, 2017

I miss you (Badfinger) (LP 90)

Badfinger Badfinger (Vinyl - Warner Brothers, 1974) ***

Genre: Apple/Dark Horse records

Places I remember:  Real Groovy, Auckland. It cost me $2.50. I know this because some plonker wrote that figure on the cover!

Fab, and all the other pimply hyperboles: My Heart Goes Out

Gear costume:  Lonely You and Shine On.

Active compensatory factors: In a parallel universe Pete Ham is a huge star and his band, Badfinger, are second only to The Beatles in popularity (whatever Universe you pick the Fabs ROCK IT). I've said it before, and there - I've said it again!

This album was the first one for Warner Brothers after leaving Apple Records, reluctantly, behind. Badfinger was the accidental title - not having a proper one, this is what it's come to be known as over the years.

It's patchy. Love is Easy was the first single lifted from the album. A Joey Molland song. Sadly it's not one of his best and it's no surprise it failed to chart. One of his best is the FAB selection for this entry. An amazingly deep song with some killer mandolin work.

Again, though, it's the Pete Ham songs that impress the most. I love his voice and his songs are always a cut above the rest. What a waste of huge talent! For you now, my heart goes out, once again.

Where do they all belong?  Next up, a clear post-Apple Badfinger peak, the mighty one - Wish You Were Here.

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