Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Revival (The Allman Brothers Band) (LP 87)

The Allman Brothers Band Idlewild South (CD - Mercury, 1996) ****

Genre: American Rock

Places I remember: HMV in Stratford City Mall (UK)

Fab, and all the other pimply hyperboles:  Appropriately, In Memory of Elizabeth Reed  has a haunting beauty that continues to fascinate me.

Gear costume: Revival is a great opener!

Active compensatory factors: For years I had only a tape of this album. My dad belonged to the World Record Club and it was in the days when they sent out a copy to subscribers for a brief period. The concept - if you liked it you kept and paid for it. By a certain date if you didn't return it you were billed for it! The marketing ploy being that people are too lazy to send it back, so they eventually pay for it! Well, Graham Purdy didn't fall for that trick. Before he sent this juicy slice of southern rock back, I taped it onto his reel-to-reel.

Certainly wasn't his cup of tea!

Ever since then my Allman Brothers collection has grown, but without this, their second album. Until recently! I was in the UK last year and came across it at an HMV in the Stratford City Mall. Since then, of course, I've seen it in JB Hi-Fi in NZ, as the record was comprehensively re-released for it's 45th anniversary. 

It was a great find; it contains some stunning music! 

Where do they all belong? Next up for the bros - the break through live At Fillmore East album.

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