Monday, February 6, 2017

Rammstein (Rammstein) (LP 84)

Rammstein Herzeleid (CD - Motor Music, 1995) ****

Genre: German rock

Places I remember: Keegan's bedroom is where I heard this music for the first time, and then I got the CD from the Warehouse in Cambridge

Fab, and all the other pimply hyperboles: Asche Zu Asche is catchy as all get out.

Gear costume: Wollt... is a great opener for their debut album, and Rammstein a perfect closer.

Active compensatory factors: My eldest son played a lot of Rammstein in his bedroom when he was growing up. It sounded vaguely threatening - all those German gutturals and the Giger visuals but in reality, after I heard enough to be impressed, I found that Rammstein provide the perfect driving music. 

Propulsive, explosive, it's great to nod along as I drive with this on maximum volume.

Not sure what they were going for with the cover - doesn't scream brilliant German heavy metal to me, and the other weird thing about this music - Jacky loves it, too.

Where do they all belong? I'd recommend the Live in Berlin set next - the video version is especially spectacular.

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