Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Krishna Krishna Hare Hare (Radha Krishna Temple) #322 - 323

Radha Krishna Temple (London) Hare Krishna Mantra/ Prayer To The Spiritual Masters (Apple, APPLE 15, 1969)

Radha Krishna Temple Govinda/ Govinda Jai Jai (Apple, APPLE 25, 1970)

I am not a devotee of Hinduism but I respect their worship of the deity Krishna. I also respect and admire the interest George Harrison took in the London version of the Radha Krishna Temple.

That interest translated into producing a couple of singles and a great album of Krishna inspired devotional music for The Beatles' Apple Records label in 1969/1970.

I realise they are of minority interest but here's something hypnotically appealing about the chanting going on in these songs. Let them wash over you and I'm sure you'll be doing the mantra with me in no time.

Govinda is my personal favourite - the musical backing is more fully formed than the rather rudimentary and now over familiar Hare Krishna Mantra. Govinda is a terrific song- George's sympathetic production and a joyous chorus that speeds up to as close to a frenzy as the RKT can get to make this a repeated listening treat.

Hidden gem: Prayer... is not from the album so there's some rarity value attached to that. Govinda Jai Jai (Govinda Jaya Jaya on the album) is a repeated chant that also is not without charm. 

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