Sunday, November 9, 2014

Flash a-ah - savior of the universe (Queen) #321

Queen Flash's Theme (AKA Flash)/ Football Fight (Chrysalis, E 47092, 1980)

Oddly, this is the only Queen single I own. All those massive hits and perversely - this is what's in my collection.

I do remember loving this song, the hugely camp movie it came from, and the Queen soundtrack as a whole, but I remain ignorant as to why I own this single. 

I recall seeing the film a number of times and had it on video as well back in the day (recorded off the TV - this is before the days of video/DVD cash ins).

Those special effects in this eighties updated version of the old Flash Gordon serial are so ridiculously done that they become iconic, and even more so when thrown into the single.

Queen are perfect for all of this. Freddie does his best emote over an electronic pulse and surging Brian May guitars. The Queen harmonies are present and correct.  

Hidden gem: The B side continues the soundtrack from the film when Flash bowls over baddies during a mock American Football game (with Dale as a cheerleader). Huge fun!

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