Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I brought you satin and herbs from the places I been (Heart) #124

Heart Even It Up/ Pilot (Epic, ES 435, 1980)

There's something about girls who are inspired by Led Zeppelin. They have attitude. Take Heart - they've been there.

I remain a fan of rock bands with female rawk musicians with attitude like The Runaways, Fanny, Jefferson Airplane's Grace Slick, Patti Smith and, yes, Heart.

Heart were big in the eighties and this song was a top 40 hit for them. It's certainly not their best song or even my favourite Heart song (Barracuda has that killer riff) but it's a great slice of American rock from sisters Anne and Nancy Wilson.

The guitars (by Nancy) are what win me over here - a great guitar riff is a great guitar riff whether it's played by Frank Zappa, Ali Farka Toure, Keef Richards, Jimmy Page, or Nancy Wilson.

Hidden gem: the softer, more melodic side of the sisters is on display on the B side. A lovely B side actually!

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