Friday, February 28, 2014

Don't look back, you can never look back (Don Henley) #126

Don Henley The Boys Of Summer/ A Month Of Sundays (Geffen Records, GEF 29141, 1984)

Don Henley is a multi-talented member of the singing drummer fraternity. He shot to fame as part of the Eagles, of course, but for me his End Of Innocence album is better than most Eagles' albums. The album before that (Building The Perfect Beast) contained the A side of this single.

It was really the video that won me over initially and the, albeit critical, reference to Grateful Dead fans (Deadheads). That video is something! It has a feeling of authenticity even though it's clearly a Hollywood style production. I like the theme of the song too - the examination of rear view living.

I aim to be here now but the lure of a nostalgic gaze is a real one for us all.

Hidden gem: The B side eventually made its way to the CD versions of the parent album so no rarity value.  The song is Don's attempt to do a Springsteen or a Mellancamp but it still sounds like a rich boy singing a song to me. The A side however - now that's a song!

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