Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Somebody spoke and I went into a dream (The Fabs)

Dear Mojo

Please forgive the tardiness (Nu Zild is still an awful long way from mother England it seems when it comes to magazine deliveries) but I just had to write, having read the book (issue 224) and listened to the cover mount Yellow Submarine Resurfaces CD. Like hordes of yer readers I am a Beatles compulsive/obsessive and I found my Mojo early on (issue 24 appropriately enough).

Now, I normally approach Beatle covers compilations with the overwhelming feeling that they will never beat the originals so why bother but now you've rocked that assumption.

I never thought that the scary, other worldly, creepy menace of Harrison's Long Long Long (mmm I know it's a love song) could be bettered but Howe Gelb has done it. Oh. My. Lennon. His version of Eleanor Rigby seriously sent shivers down my spine! Definitely a case of 'somebody spoke and I went into a dream'. It turned me on man!

Listen not to the predictable naysayers who will surely write and whinge about Beatles on the cover again (or have they admitted defeat). More power to you and Howe!

Love and peace etc.

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