Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I'm here to stay (Haken)

Two recent acquisitions to report on in this post.

Prog magazine is one of my favs and their latest edition to hit the Otane bookshops (ha ha - there aren't any, a trip to Waipukurau is required) has a sampler with a great track from Haken on it, called Deathless.

Haken is a London-based Progressive rock/Progressive metal band formed in 2007. At the moment they have two released albums, Aquarius, released 2010, and Visions, released 2011. I have neither...yet.
Deathless is a great track - nothing metallic about it but the Rick Wright style keyboards certainly add to its appeal.

The second is the latest CD from The Jayhawks who I have had some time for in the past. Their country rock sound has its moments. Mark Olson and Gary Louris have been the two main figures in the band. Of the two I'm definitely in the Mark Olson camp. He left the band in the mid 1990s and among other things formed a supergroup of a sort called Golden Smog.

I actually much prefer Golden Smog to The Jayhawks. Olson rejoined his mate and band a few years ago and Mockingbird Time is the latest result. It is amazingly good, in fact I'd say it's the best Jayhawks album yet. Mainly because the two voices mesh together really well (like on Tiny Arrows below).

I picked it up for $3 from a farmer's market that takes place every Sunday in my sleepy little Otane hometown. What a find!

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