Saturday, May 28, 2011

What if she twisted the truth to fit in (Lene Marlin)

Success already! I tracked down another Lene Marlin CD on the weekend.

This one is from 2009 called Twist The Truth. It's very different to the first one I got a few weeks back (the comparatively lush Another Day from 2003). Clearly she wasn't having a great time in 2009. She might have called it Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now if that wasn't ripping off Morrissey.

The first track is called Everything's Good and it's positive in it's outlook but that good humour steadily decreases during the next 8 songs until the last track (You Will Cry No More), which deals with the aftermath of a death; maybe a better title would have been from the second song, I'm not feeling well these days.

Along the way we have Lene dealing with her insecurities, scars and regrets. And there appear to be a lot of them. Definitely not yer standard pop fare. It's awesome stuff.

Her vocals are fantastic and the instruments are sparsely distributed - mostly acoustic guitar from Lene (talented), piano (again Lene), violin, dobro, cello and you get the idea. There is nothing cluttered.

Lene writes all the words and music as well. Impressive.

So - two great (different) CDs. I'm looking forward to finding the remaining two.

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