Friday, April 29, 2011

You're a bad dog baby (Gilbert O'Sullivan)

My friend Gregarious recently posted on Leo Sayer on his seventies blog (link on the left column) and it reminded me of the deep dislike I have always had for Leo Sayer. It also reminded me of my soft spot for Gilbert O'Sullivan.

Eh? I hear you say. But they are peas in a pod. How can you love one and dislike the other?

Seventies singer-songwriters with naff names (Gilbert? Leo?), big Richard Simmons hair, a penchant for cringe inducing songs (Oh wakka doo wakka day anyone?) and very non rock n roll images (Leo's suspenders and Gilberts sweaters with a big G on them - I rest my case).

But to me - one was cooler (Gilbert) than the other. Why? One reason really.

Get down.

Get Down is so stoopid and prescient it's almost early punk/ early Norwegian death metal.

Who am I trying to kid! It's a guilty pleasure (it turns up on Vol 2 after all) shared by a few saddos like me who bought the Guilty Pleasures albums).

But it's really infectious and it stays on my ipod because I feel good whenever I hear it.

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