Friday, March 11, 2011

This should be a very dynamite show (Frank Zappa from Lumpy Gravy part 1)

I've just finished reading a Zappa biography (Electric Don Quixote by Neil Slaven) which was okay for reminding about what a superb story teller Zappa was and it made me reconnect with the old albums again. It also brought me up to date to some degree with the late Zappa product - I'd kinda lost touch after Jazz From Hell.

It wasn't as jaw dropping as Ben Watson's The Negative Dialectics of Poodle Play though. Interesting that this seminal Zappa book gets no mention in the Slaven book for some reason.

Thought I'd return to the start of Zappa's musical career for this post. Here he is on The Steve Allen Show playing a bicycle! It provides a glimpse of his extraordinary genius - even at a young age before the hirsuite look developed. And not only with sounds but he's funny!!

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  1. A glimpse of genius indeed. And Allen's a good sport.