Thursday, August 31, 2017

Nothing to show (Badfinger) (LP 138 - 140)

Badfinger Airwaves (Vinyl - Elektra, 1979) *** 
Badfinger Apple Daze (CD - Raven Records, 1991) * 
Badfinger Head First (CD - Snapper, 2000) ** 

Genre: Apple/ Dark Horse Records

Places I remember: Respectively - Marbecks Records; Real Groovy Records; Fives (Leigh-on-sea, UK)

Fab, and all the other pimply hyperboles: Love Is gonna Come At Last (from Airwaves)

Gear costume: The Dreamer (another Joey Molland song from Airwaves)

Active compensatory factors: Airwaves could have been called 'And Then There Two' as only Joey Molland and Tom Evans appear on it. When I got a glimpse of the album while working at Marbecks Records in the late seventies, my expectations were low as my favourite Badfinger songs mostly came from Pete Ham. 

Depending on your point of view, the album stands as either a brave attempt to move the Badfinger story on or to cash in. 

Tom and Joey were both strong vocalists in the original band, so it does have enough of the classic Badfinger sound to make it a brave attempt for my money. 

Whatever, given Tom Evans' suicide in 1983, it ends up as another sad chapter in the end (as is, I suspect, Say No More, a follow up by the duo under the Badfinger name which I have yet to find anywhere).

Apple Daze is an interesting interview disc with Tom Evans about Apple, Beatles, Badfinger related content. One for obsessives though.

As is Head First, recorded at Apple Studios. It was supposed to be the follow up to Wish You Were Here but was put on hold. It's no surprise to find that it's a miserable slog of an album - songs about the dire situation with management (Hey, Mr Manager, Rock'n'Roll Contract) don't help the situation one bit.

Where do they all belong? Next up is a brace of live albums by the original band.

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