Thursday, April 20, 2017

Riff raff (AC/DC) (LP 103)

AC/DC Powerage (CD - Epic, 1978) *****

Genre: NZ/Australian pop/rock

Places I remember: The Warehouse Cambridge

Fab, and all the other pimply hyperboles: Riff Raff is GREAT rock and roll!!

Gear costume: Take yer pick - a strong collection of yer classic AC/DC filthy funky guitar noise. Try Up To My Neck In You though, it is impossible to sit still during most of these songs but this is especially infectious!!!

Active compensatory factors: Five stars Wozza, really?

Well, yes. It's a clear classic in my eyes and ears. Bon Scott in all his aussie battler glory!

Powerage is a peak moment in the studio albums. Not a duff track to be found and everything clicks. A classic!

Where do they all belong? Next up - If you wanted blood you got it during Akka dakka's finest hour.

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