Thursday, August 18, 2016

Believe Me (Badfinger) (LP 35)

Badfinger Magic Christian Music (CD + Vinyl - Apple, 1970) ***
Badfinger No Dice (CD + Vinyl - Apple, 1970) *****

Genre: Apple/ Dark Horse

Places I remember: The vinyl came from Marbecks in the seventies, during my searches for Apple Records product in the company of Greg Knowles. The CD reissues are from Real Groovy in the nineties.

Fab, and all the other pimply hyperboles: No Dice has an embarrassment of riches. But even among great company, two Pete Ham songs - Without You, No Matter What still stand out.

Gear costume: We're For The Dark, Midnight Caller.

Active compensatory factors: Badfinger - four young badass guys oozing pop smarts, desire, belief, and not shy about their love of Beatles and Apple: I love Badfinger!!

Don't believe me? Who else would have the balls to call a song Love Me Do and make it a guitar/drums fueled rocker on the Beatles' Apple label? I love Badfinger!!

Magic Christian Music is the big brother record to The Iveys' Maybe Tomorrow (they have six songs in common). The Magic Christian movie of 1969 (starring Ringo and Peter Sellers) throws a lifeline and Paul McCartney donates the hit single Come and Get It and's still just a first step.

The variety of styles on offer don't help the cause much as the next record would show.

No Dice is much more fully formed statement. Churning power pop guitars, amazing harmonies, terrific songs are all to the fore.

And it's on Apple! 

Mmmm mmm...I love Badfinger.

Where do they all belong? Badfinger were yet to peak. Extraordinary!

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