Thursday, May 23, 2013

I believe in magic and I believe in dreams (Grace Slick)

I love the magic of the Hard Rock Cafe. It's not only the dreamy rock music ambiance but that's a big part.

The noise is great (it's always loud and you can always guarantee great music during your visit), the burgers are great, and the walls are always festooned with great rock music memorabilia.

So far I've been to H.R.C.'s in Edinburgh, London, Paris, Rome and now San Francisco.

Of course there is a fantastic Grateful Dead section, Jacky Casady's bass guitar, and a George Harrison guitar in the Beatle corner, but the highlight for me was a portrait of Jerry Garcia by Grace Slick.

Although Grace was born in Chicago and now lives in Malibu she and San Francisco are synonymous for me. Her previous home overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge was pointed out to me during my stay and I loved feeling some connection to her, even as tenuous as that.

Hope you're healthy Grace. Thanks for everything and that is one great great portrait.

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