Thursday, February 28, 2013

Carry me back, carry me back (Led Zeppelin)

The Led Zep reunion concert at the O2 from 2007 is finally out on CD and DVD in 379 different formats. That might be a conservative estimate - it's probably nearer 3,790 different formats.

It's called Celebration Day.

I bought the double CD and single DVD version in a CD size case for 20 bucks. Pretty good deal huh?

The package is pretty spiffy I must say. The DVD especially brings the reunion to permanent life.

I love the way Led Zep play on stage. They all cluster around the drum riser like a real band and play looking at each other like a real band. They've played so much together they could stand 30 metres apart like other bands do, without a hitch, but I love that they don't.

Jimmy Page is the epitome of guitar cool, Robert Plant is still the epitome of a rock god vocalist, John Paul Jones is still the ace of bass and Jason Bonham is his father's son.

Favourites? Phew - tough to single anything out but the version of Kashmir is a fitting climax to the set list before the encores (Robert Plant in particular is in mighty voice) and Rock and Roll, the last song, is all you want the song to be and Jason Bonham's impassioned drumming is awesome!

An great concert by a great band. Haven't bought it yet? Why not?

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