Saturday, October 20, 2012

Boom boom - out go the lights (The Blues Band)

Paul Jones (real name Paul Pond) has a phenomenal blues voice. So good that Keef and Brian Jones offered him the job of lead singer in the early Rolling Stones. He turned them down so they had to settle for ole rubber lips instead.

Mr Jones is in the tie

I was a young pup working with Roger Marbeck when I first became aware of his fantastic voice. One day the EMI rep came in and raved about The Blues Band album - Official Blues Band Bootleg Album, He loved it and when we played it on the shop's stereo (we're talking records here) so did we.

The promo liner notes mentioned his discography and I suddenly realised that his voice was the one I'd loved on some great Manfred Mann hits.

Those early Manfred Mann singles are as  tight as a drum instrumentally and then Paul Jones starts singing and we're in a different place.

He's still active as The Blues Band are still going strong with the same original line up!

Here's my Paul Jones favourites - some of his Manfred Mann, Blues Band and solo moments:

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