Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Good times bad times, you know I've had my share (Led Zeppelin)

I felt like something loud to jolt me awake today. Go to album on these occasions is invariably something by Led Zep.

The first one is amazing. It rocks like a beast.

Good Times Bad Times kicks it all off in a powerful rock way.

Given it was recorded in 1968 by Jimmy Page and band (after The Yardbirds deserted him and Led Zep had started life as The New Yardbirds) it is amazingly unlike the Yardbirds in feel and execution. Clearly a work of vision.

What else was around at the time of construction? The Beatles double album called The Beatles on the sleeve but known as The White Album for evermore and Hendrix' Electric Ladyland were in a masterclass of their own. Led Zeppelin joins them for my money.

My old vinyl copy has been played so much there are a few scratches at unfortunate times so I have had to buy CD replacements. For today's session I needed that wonderful clunk as the needle hits the record and a bit of familiar hiss introduces this mighty opening track.

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