Monday, January 3, 2011

Guitar? Check! Microphone? Check! (John Mayer)

Wow - he has it all! Including a polarising effect that I've not seen for a while.

He sings like a dream, plays guitar with style, power, feel, and grace, writes terrific songs. He can carry it off solo, in a trio, or leader of a larger band. He has definite stage presence and it doesn't hurt that he has good looks as well.

So what's not to love? Well plenty apparently if you read the gossip mags like my daughters do. They euphemistically call him 'a player'.

I had never heard of him until I caught one of his songs playing on a soundtrack. I remember asking the girls who it was and they set me straight on the name and the reputation.

I don't really care about his private life but I do know that he can play.

I first bought his album Continuum as a punt from The Warehouse in New Plymouth. I loved the songs and the voice but had no idea he could even play guitar until I caught up with his live albums. What a shock! The soulful Hendrix/Stevie Ray guitar style was so at odds with my superficial impression of him as a pretty boy pop star. Nothing could be further from the solid truth - he's talented!

I managed to pick up the last album that was missing from my Mayer collection (ironically - his first one called Room For Squares) from a shop in Dubai. It's in the pile for a listen as soon as possible.

Favourite track of his getting a high rotate in the Purdmobile is Something Missing.

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