Friday, December 3, 2010

Wild Horses couldn't drag me away (Rolling Stones)

King's Recording is a CD/DVD shop in Abu Dhabi. On the second floor of the Hamdan Center to be exact. And so far it's the best CD store I've come across in the UAE/Qatar middle eastern region. If there's a better place - tell me!

It's got a great front display window (like the old Marbecks shops used to have) and it's got a great Fives style layout - a long centre aisle. Fantastic for browsing! I know I'll be back - it's a great reason for visiting Abu Dhabi.

They know their product too - as in they know what moves and I'm not talking about top 40 crap. This is a music shop, it's no Virgin Mega-store like in Doha or the Abu Dhabi mall. There they are keen to sell you t-shirts, kid's toys, phones, hi-fi equipment, books, computer games as well as DVDs and music. None of that at King's Recordings.

I stocked up!

Jacky got me a Christmas pressie there too - the newly boxed Beatles collection. I've considered getting it in NZ and Doha but the cheapest was King's. I also found some weirdos like Clapton's Reptiles. Reading a Haruki Murakami memoir put me in touch with this overlooked Clapton album. Haruki explains what a good album it is to exercise to and if it's good enough for him, I guess it's gonna be worth exploring.

Got lots of other weird things too that I've never seen before - some Jefferson Airplane/Starship DVDs, a Camel compilation, Embrace's If You've Never Been, Nena by Nena, and so on. I also snaffled the Who's BBC sessions, Ringo's latest, another Deep Purple live album (from an old Aussie tour) and others. Like I say - I stocked up while the going was good [and cheap - some albums were only 15aed (about $7)].

I'll be drip feeding my impressions of this stuff over the next few weeks so stay tuned.

Love and peace - Wozza

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