Saturday, May 23, 2009

Nature, enter me

A recent post on one of my other blogs about my interactions with nature made me think about nature songs. I use a song lyric for the titles of my posts usually and so my brain went into overdrive thinking about nature songs. One of the earliest ones I can remember is 'Nature' by a New Zealand group of my youth - The Fourmyula (yes they really spelled their name this way - surely they must have had at least one of their tongues in their collective cheeks!). It's a great song. The Muttonbirds did a great version as well but it was a bit blustery compared to the original and has slithers of nineties irony. Here are the lyrics and if you remember the song like I do you'll find yourself singing it as you go:

Through falling leaves I pick my way slowly
Talking aloud - eases my mind
Sunlight filters through - I feel my head is drifting
So full of thoughts - I thought
What am I going to do?
I need some thoughts that are new

Doo doo doo...
Dee dee dee ...
Nature - enter me

Up in a tree a bird sings so sweetly
Nature’s own voice - I hear
Rustling whistling leaves turning breeze to speech
Call to me now - ease my mind
I’ll turn something new
My mind’s laid with dew

Nature - enter me

I’ll turn something new
My mind’s laid with dew

Nature - enter me
Isn't that cool! Youtube has no clip of the 'yula doing 'Nature' so here's the Muttonbirds in all their glory (Don McGlashan is about my age - we did a university paper together in the early 80's - so he must remember the original with appropriate affection).

Shame that the original isn't on youtube. Come on - someone out there must have the clip. This is the best I could come up with instead - some clips from C'Mon of Fourmyula and a great cod-psychedelic song from the Avengers (after they'd ditched Ray Columbus!).

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